Daniel Pricer's Mansion in Ross County, Ohio. Photo circa 1928

Welcome to the Pricer Home Page. This is a site developed to celebrate the history and the future of those of Pricer lineage.

This site relies on all family members, regardless of what their last name may be, to share information, stories, documents, photographs, suggestions and recommendations. Without your interest and support, there would be nothing here to view.

This site belongs to the family. Many of you have been waiting for an update on this site and I hope this one does not let you down. It is not the grandios theme that I really wanted to design, but then, I'm not a real web designer, either. I decided to settle for functionality so I could let the site do it's job - which is to keep everyone informed and to draw more family members together with more information to be added for everyone's enjoyment. Also, as with anything new, there are likely to be errors, so please don't be shy about pointing them out to me so I can provide a quality site for a quality clan.

Special thanks must be given to Robert "Bob" W. Pricer and his wife, Jane Schlesselman Pricer, for their hard work researching much of the family history found here and their graciousness in sharing it with us all. Of course, all of us with an interest in Pricer genealogy stand on the shoulders of Harold Pricer, the family genealogy guru who has spent a great many of his octogenarian years researching from where we came. Other family members such as Joanne C. Johnson, Dave Smith, Donna Clark, Wayne Pricer (Texas), and Kenneth "Kurt" Pricer, have been making significant contributions in the form of photos, documents, and anecdotes. Another special thanks is due to Hurle Priser for his great research and for sharing it with us all, as well. An excerpt of one of his research books and a full copy of the recent book by Bob Pricer and Joanne C. Johnson can be located on the "Library" link at the left of this page. You will be amazed at the information you'll find in these books and how much hard work went into putting them together. In order to get this update out after so much delay, I wasn't able to include all of the resources that have been provided to me. However, it will be easier to add them over time with this new format.

This site was started on June 3, 2007, and I've gotten to know many "cousins" that I wouldn't have had the chance to know otherwise and it has been really great. Some of us have discussed various ideas such as having a really expanded Pricer Reunion some day, or setting up a small fund for the continued rehabilitation and maintenance of the Old Pricer Cemetery and parts of the Salem Cemetery where many of the earliest Pricer headstones are in need of care. You'll gain more of an appreciation of what I mean after you review more of this site. Right now, these are merely ideas, but hopefully they will take a form that everyone can enjoy and, more importantly, help to make a reality.

I am looking forward to hearing from you, even if just to say "Hello!".

Lanny "Mike" Pricer, Webmaster/Cousin

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